Recycle your silver jewellery

Any broken, damaged, outworn or downright obsolete items of jewellery can be created again. We will morph them into new Ousiai pieces and bring your silver back to life.

With every purchase you can receive a second free or discounted piece of your choosing if you have silver you want to recycle.

How does it work:

You buy one Ousiai piece. On the cart page, right before submitting your order, there will be a step to mark if you would like to send us your silver for a complimentary or discounted new piece. After receiving your request our team will send you our address on email.

You send any silver item that is marked with 925.

It can include any parts that are not silver and we can remove them for you (those parts include semi-precious stones, any piece of fabric or other non-precious metals like copper, brass, zirconium or others, depending on the case). If you would like to keep those non-silver parts, please remove them yourself before sending. Make sure you pay the delivery fee and send your silver in a box or a tear resistant envelope.

We will send you a confirmation email when we have received and weighed your silver (on an authorized scale) together with an estimate of:

  • Available complimentary pieces from our collection (if the weight of your silver is equal or bigger than the required amount for your chosen piece)
  • Available discounted pieces from our collection (if the weight of the silver is smaller than the required amount for your chosen piece)

After you make your final choice we will send you a coupon to be used on our website for your shiny new piece.

free standard shipping on all EU orders | 3-5 working days courier delivery
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